Welcome to The Antidote, the Cure for the Common Business Blog

The Antidote features musings and memos on management, business and organizational life by the Antioch University Los Angeles community, including professors, students, alumni, administrators and hopefully YOU.

The content is as diverse as its creators, from serious articles to satirical videos, all served up fresh weekly. In true Antioch tradition, The Antidote will experiment, test the edges and occasionally plunge headfirst into the foray. We hope you’ll savor a lot of it and suspect you’ll abhor some of it.

Most of all, we hope you’ll be inspired by it.

If you’re a member of the AULA community, we want you to contribute to it! Whatever you’d like to say about management issues and organizational life, and however you’d like to say it (prose or poetry, video or art), just let us know at theantidote.aula@antioch.edu. We look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say.

Until then, please sit back, buckle up, pour yourself your beverage of choice, and enjoy the read…