Reflection on Immunity to Change

Desire and motivation aren’t enough to see change through.  Therefore, it is best to first understand what you seek to change and then determine your desire to fully commit to implementing it.  I understand that change does not happen overnight, it requires serious dedication.  Yet and still, in my experience, I know it is easy to fall off track and lose sight of the goal.  At times I am consciously aware of what I need to do yet I lack motivation to continue to implement the change I started to pursue.  My actions become inconsistent and/or I psyche myself out.  Eventfully, though, I realize I do not have to begin my transformation in a drastic manner, I can revamp my approach and start with baby steps—Kaizen.

This particularly correlates with how I feel about the mannerisms I am trying to change.  For the most part, I consider myself to be a well-rounded individual who understands we all encompass unique differences.  However, in knowing myself, I accept that I am not and will never be perfect.  Thus, I am continually working towards becoming a better person.  I admit that I need to be a better listener, have better control of my emotions, and even become a better delegator.  Conversely, my “one big thing” is control issues.

I was already aware of my areas of weakness, nevertheless, Kegan and Lahey helped put the significance of my weaknesses into a perspective I had never considered.  I was content simply knowing that there were a few things I needed to work on.  I did not want to think about every aspect of my faults—it makes me feel uneasy.  It truly is a slap in the face once you realize you are unconsciously blocking your own path to success.  With that being said, I appreciate the self discoveries that spawned from reading “Immunity to Change.”  Not only am I aware of my faults and consequences they may cause, now I am also aware that I have the ability to create a game plan by using an immunity map to overcome every obstacle blocking my path to success.

Corporations – They’re only flesh and blood for heaven’s sakes!

If you’ve been keeping pace with Occupy lately you may know about the campaign going on right now for a 28th Amendment making corporations, well, corporations and not people. Sounds obvious, right? Not according to our current laws. As things are now, Exxon could sit down and have a latte with you.

The Occupy movement, in an attempt to involve and educate people, have set up a website at where you can help choose the name of the proposed Amendment as well as read about it’s meaning.

It’s kind of funny that corporations are now able to pass themselves as people. Does the 2010 Supreme Court decision become their official birth date? The notion conjures all sorts of sci-fi images of buildings with anthropological features: Este Lauder with high cheekbones, Edison with spectacles, News Corp sitting in a jail cell. And when they fail do they get tombstones? When they are bought out is it into slavery?

What do you think about protest?

Cal –Berkeley students stormed their library recently.