The end of the quarter


Here we are at the end of yet another quarter. Amid finishing projects and final papers I felt at a loss of what to blog about. Then, the thought of being so busy with life and school work seemed to be an idea in its self. I an eagerly completing my final work in the last week of the quarter. How are all of you Antioch students doing with the week sprint to the finish?

Life seems to repeat itself, because this time last year I took a week vacation to Jamaica and then wrote a reflective blog about the trip and my experiences. Here I am a year later, and I am going back to Jamaica at the end of this quarter. This time I am writing about it before I go.

My concerns are primarily centered around school. Finishing all my coursework is at the top of the list. I have one paper left to finish, an art project for a psych class, and more team editing for my Capstone Project. Secondly, I have to plan my course load for next quarter….which will be my last quarter before graduating. Third, I have to make sure all my paperwork for completion and graduation are in order. Lastly, I have to pack and gather all my tickets, itinerary and everything I need for the trip.

All my efforts will be worthwhile. I am looking forward to two weeks of warm sun and clear water before beginning my last quarter here at Antioch. What are your plans for the student break?