A Hurricane to save the day

While many of us students are busy with classes and papers, I hope that you have not overlooked an important intersection of events recently. The two events I an speaking of are the election campaigns and hurricane Sandy. While these two events do not seem related, I assure you they are. In the news and online, many are comparing our current president’s response to Hurricane Sandy to George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina. This comparison of response is extremely important as we near election day. The current consensus is that President Obama has preformed extremely better than George Bush. While Bush is not up for election, he still represents the republicans in this comparison. President Obama has preformed so well that even the Governor Christie of New Jersey (a republican and one of his toughest critics) has applauded his response to hurricane Sandy. With such a close Presidential election on the horizon, this natural disaster has shed a new light on it for those that may be on the fence post between democratic and republican votes.