Did you know?

Are you aware that the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Board of Education plans to vote on a decision that would eliminate funding for adult education programs in the district? According to The Huffington Post article posted on February 13th, 2012, “The Los Angeles Unified School District board is set to vote Tuesday – 2/14/12 – to cut the $200 million currently earmarked for adult education in order to reduce the district’s $557 million deficit.”

Fortunately, the decision was postponed due to a court-ordered delay. 



So, what does the end of adult education programs mean? For teenagers who are met with unfortunate circumstances, such as teen pregnancies, gangs, and drugs, and are not able to finish high school, they rely on adult education programs to obtain their GED and to get them on the right track again. For the district to cut adult education programs altogether to help alleviate the district’s $557 million deficit at the expense of continuing education for the less fortunate is what I deem unfair.

I am constantly hearing people complain that there are so many unqualified applicants for open job positions in this time of high unemployment. The unemployed people that I know cannot attain jobs mainly because they do not have the necessary skills to compete with the people who have degrees from higher education. If adult education programs are eliminated, where will their students go now? Is it really just to simply say “tough shit?” I think not!

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