Corporations – They’re only flesh and blood for heaven’s sakes!

If you’ve been keeping pace with Occupy lately you may know about the campaign going on right now for a 28th Amendment making corporations, well, corporations and not people. Sounds obvious, right? Not according to our current laws. As things are now, Exxon could sit down and have a latte with you.

The Occupy movement, in an attempt to involve and educate people, have set up a website at where you can help choose the name of the proposed Amendment as well as read about it’s meaning.

It’s kind of funny that corporations are now able to pass themselves as people. Does the 2010 Supreme Court decision become their official birth date? The notion conjures all sorts of sci-fi images of buildings with anthropological features: Este Lauder with high cheekbones, Edison with spectacles, News Corp sitting in a jail cell. And when they fail do they get tombstones? When they are bought out is it into slavery?

What do you think about protest?

Cal –Berkeley students stormed their library recently.

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